Jan 18, 2011

Rilakkuma cafe au rait strawberry chocolate

This is リラックマ カフェオレいちごチョコ (cafe au rait-strawberry Chocolate. )
I found it at Lawson (convenience store) and bought it.
It tastes like Apollo (アポロ) chocolate

You can try this beverage when you visit Japan.


  1. i had this when i was in Japan december last year. It was sooo nice~

  2. Nice. I’m pretty good in that things, but because that I’m new boy here, for me there is many good stuff. I prefer blog just like this blog, and in my opinion owner of this blog should get thanks for his time to manage this site. ". I bought some of these at PIJ! So cute! I’m going to buy more. I think there is still other merchandise. I have a great product here.
    Can wait to have this!! http://bit.ly/rilakkumastrawberry


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