Jan 31, 2011

Bento Box(Lunch box) ,kawaii Made in Japan

1.Slim compact bento(lunch) box-'Kuroume'

Microwave - Safe/Dishwasher - Safe 
Size, price...?

2.Slim compact bento(lunch) box-'White Margaret'

Microwave - Safe/Dishwasher - Safe

3.Slim compact bento(lunch) box-'Red Margaret

Microwave - Safe/Dishwasher - Safe
Size, price...?

There are cute bento/lunch boxes made in Japan!  http://kawai-e.net

Jan 30, 2011

[SALE] Pen Case-Sweets dot,ice cream,cup cake,donuts...Kawaii!

I made up my mind selling this pen case (at my store) with 250 YEN (about $3)
This is from Cram Cream that is Japanese brand.


Jan 18, 2011

Rilakkuma cafe au rait strawberry chocolate

This is リラックマ カフェオレいちごチョコ (cafe au rait-strawberry Chocolate. )
I found it at Lawson (convenience store) and bought it.
It tastes like Apollo (アポロ) chocolate

You can try this beverage when you visit Japan.